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Past Winners


Audience Favorite: Butterfly by Jason Habel
One to Watch: For the Love of Art by Mic Brown and Zac Watson
Audience Favorite: Stone on Stone by Mohsen Serajian and Marzieh Hakim



Best of Festival: Le Dernier Cigare by Kevin Haefelin
One to Watch: Anxiety #5 by Jesse Foster
Audience Favorite: The Tenor by Damon Crump 



Best of Festival: Butterfly Girl by Cary Bell
One to Watch: Dead Hearts by Stephen W. Martin
Audience Favorite: Butterfly Girl by Cary Bell



Best of Festival: Écoute s’il pleut/Listen to Your Weeping Heart by Clary Demangeon
One to Watch: My Big Bad Wolf by Geena Matuson
Independent Spirit: The Box by Hugh Martinez
Community Spirit: Kinoki (des solutions directes pour une vie mellieure)/Kinoki (Direct Solutions for a Better Life) by Léo Favier and the collective of Schroeter & Berger
Audience Favorite: Écoute s’il pleut/ Listen to Your Weeping Heart by Clary Demangeon
Best Screenplay: The Call of Wilder Things by Adam DeWitt



Best of Festival: Willowbrook by Ross Cohen
Best of Festival Runner-Up: The Silent Thief by Jennifer Clary
One to Watch: Sex on Wheels by Amanda Feder
Independent Spirit: Enchiridion by Mark Beal
Audience Favorite: The New Adventures of Baby Jesus by Julio Olivera
Best Screenplay: Grant by David G. Steakley



Best of Festival: Heart Breaks Open, directed by Billie Rain
Best Screenplay: Not Like the Commercials by Gordon S. Williams
Audience Favorite: Tirages en série, directed by Kevin Haefelin
One to Watch: An Evening Abroad, directed by Kent Juliff
Social Awareness: Open Your Eyes, directed by Adolfo R. Mora



Best of Festival: A Relative Stranger by Kane Senes
Best Screenplay: Barrel Roll by Robert Kirschten
Audience Favorite : Miranda by Kent Sutton
One to Watch: The Root and the Offspring by Zachary Honea
Independent Vision: Maso (Red Meat) by Adrian Vásquez de Velasco
Social Awareness: Claudia by Luis Antonio Rodriguez
Progressive Vision (18 and Under): Endangered Edgar by Amanda M. Hayes



Best of Festival: The Christmas Conspiracy by Jennifer Clary and Kevin Haberer
Audience Favorite: Forgotten Lives by Jeff Garrison-Tate and Josh Tate
One to Watch: Bad Timing by Keller Davis
Most Entertaining: Do You by Gordon S. Williams
Social Awareness: Forgotten Lives by Jeff Garrison-Tate and Josh Tate
Best Screenplay: Hotel School by Robert Kirschten



Best of Festival: Dirty Girl by Jennifer Clary and Kevin Haberer
One to Watch: Violet by Bernard Garceau III
Audience Favorite: 4th and Long by Timothy Vandenberg
Most Entertaining: Mock Date by Julio Olivera



Judges’ Favorite: Lonely Highway by Dane Hurt, Jeremi Mattern, and Chris Walker
One to Watch: Cyn by Alex Ferrari
Audience Favorite: The Tragedy of the Fallen Cherub by Julio Olivera



Best of Festival: Wrong Way Up by Gabirel Hardman
One to Watch: Hill Country by Antony Cherian
Best Student Film: A Clockwork Orange Juice and Believe (tie), both by Adrian Vasquez de Velasco
Audience Favorite: Night Conversations by Hanna Maria Sawka



Best of Festival: The Cost of War by Patrick Phillips



Best of Festival: Another Time Around by Brenton McCorkle
Audience Choice: To Ease the Loss by Haley McLane
Best Animation: Ball by Ben Columbus
Best Cinematography: Another Time Around by Brenton McCorkle
Best Editing: The Half-Life of a Memory by Jef Greilich
Most Promising Filmmaker: Haley McLane
Best Script: Richard by Kelly Williams
Best Documentary: The King and Dick by Scott Calonico



Best of Festival: My Name is Buttons by Courtney Davis and John Merriman
Best Documentary: Spit Farther by Paul Stekuer
Best Narrative Feature: Nora by Courtney Davis and John Merriman
Most Promising Filmmaker: Dan Parsons